24 September 2013

Late-Breaking Abstract Submission & Scientific Program Highlights

Late-Breaking Abstract Submission Now Open!

Submit a Late-Breaking Abstract for inclusion in the WAO Symposium on Immunotherapy and Biologics Scientific Program.

Late-Breaking Abstract Submission Deadline: 11 October 2013

Don’t Miss Biologics Track 3: New Directions in Immunotherapy
Friday, 13 December
15:30 – 17:00

Identification of Therapeutic Epitopes from Allergens

Alessandro Sette (United States)
Recent Publication: Previously undescribed grass pollen antigens are the major inducers of T helper 2 cytokine-producing T cells in allergic individuals



Specific Immunoregulatory Epitopes in the Treatment of Allergic Disease
Mark Larché (Canada)
Recent Publication: Fel d 1-derived peptide antigen desensitization shows a persistent treatment effect 1 year after the start of dosing: a randomized, placebo-controlled study



New Routes for Allergen Immunotherapy
Thomas Kündig (Switzerland)
Recent Publication: New Directions in Immunotherapy



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