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Finnish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

Mission: The main aim of the Finnish Society of Allergology and Immunology is to advance excellence in clinical care, research, education and training, through organizing scientific meetings twice yearly, and awarding research grants each year to members of the society. The Finnish Society of Allergology and Immunology is a member society of EAACI and WAO, and has representatives in UEMS. In addition, the society takes part in the activities of the Nordic association of Allergology (NFA).

Founded: January 18, 1946


The Finnish Society of Allergology and Immunology was established on January 18, 1946, by a group of physicians with a special interest in Allergology. The first chairman of the society was Dr. Zaida Eriksson-Lihr, who later became one of the founders and chief physician of the Allergy Hospital in Helsinki. The Allergy Hospital was one of the first hospitals in the world specializing in Allergology. Today, more than 400 physicians and experts of Allergology have joined the society, including pulmonary specialists, ENT-specialists, pediatricians, dermatologists, and immunologists. The society board consists of seven members who meet five to six times a year