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Honduran Society of Allergy and Clincial Immunology (SHAIC)

Mission: To advance excellence in clinical care, education and training SHAIC members consider invaluable to belong to an international umbrella organization that provides excellent educational programs and lectureships that can help us to solve many of the challenges in clinic and medical education with a solid scientific basis.

Founded: April 8, 1986


April 8, 1986 there met a group of connoted medical specialists of Tegucigalpa, to organized the first provisional board of directors of what would become the Honduran Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SHAIC). 6 September, 86: SHAIC's foundation is formalized. 24 March, 87: there was published in the official newspaper of Honduras the resolution recognizing SHAIC's legal status. Since then the SHAIC has stayed faithful to his mission, taking part in multiple Medical Education activities; SHAIC has successfully organized 17 National Congresses on Allergy/CI, 2 Congresses of the Central American Federation of Allergy/CI, at least 60 update workshops. We have also organized workshops of anaphylaxis, to fill a gap in the medical national community and we have participated in the 12 Congresses of the CA Federation of Allergy/CI. At present, we have established friendship with other scientific related societies at national and international level to achieve excellence in what we do.