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Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA)

Mission: To promote advances in the field of allergology and related academic disciplines.

Founded: April, 1959

1. Sponsoring academic meetings
2. Publishing journals (in Japanese and English)
3. Promoting communication among affiliates
4. Promoting communication with related organs and academic societies in Japan
5. Corresponding and working with overseas allergology associations and similar groups internationally on behalf of allergy specialists in Japan
6. Certification of doctors, allergists, teaching doctors, and teaching facilities specializing in treatment of allergies
7. Other activities necessary to achieving the Society's mission

In April 1959, an organizing committee for the Society was formed, the Society charter was drawn up, and the Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA) was officially established. The first general meeting of JSA was held on 17-18 October in Tokyo and attended by several hundred participants.
In 1973, The World Allergy Congress (formerly the International Congress of Allergology and Clinical Immunology) was held in Tokyo, Japan.
In 1991, JSA hosted the 14th World Allergy Congress in Kyoto, Japan, which was the second meeting of IAACI (now known as WAO) in collaboration of JSA.
In 1993, the Japanese Guideline for the Treatment of Allergic Diseases, the first guideline from JSA, was published.
In 2004, JSA launched the Allergy Specialist Certification Program.
In 2012, the Membership of JSA surpassed 10,000 members. The number of JSA’s Board Certified Allergy Specialists is 3,150.