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Polish Society of Allergology (PTA)

Founded: November 15, 1982


Initiation of research in the field of epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, diagnostics, prophylactics, treatment and pharmacoeconomics of allergic diseases, applications to appropriate authorities concerning organization of programs of prevention and counteraction against allergic diseases in Poland, delegating representatives to the organs appointed according to applicable law, organization of public presentations, trainings, courses, lectures, scientific sessions, symposiums, conferences, congresses, and other forms of propagation of knowledge concerning experimental and clinical Allergology, development of education programs and professional development of doctors and nurses in the field of Allergology, active support of various forms of professional development of medical staff, in particular doctors allergologists, cooperation with Polish and foreign research and health care institutions and related societies, interested in the problems of fighting allergic diseases, publishing activities according to applicable regulations in this area, subsidizing research in experimental and clinical Allergology, to the extent allowed by resources at the Society’s disposal, founding awards and grants for younger members of the Society distinguishing themselves in scientific activity, in particular for doctoral dissertations presented and original papers published, development, propagation and updating of diagnostic and therapeutic standards in Allergology.


The Polish Society of Allergology was founded during the Conference of PTA Founding Members on November 15th, 1982 in Bydgoszcz. The meeting was chaired by Professor B. Romanski. The cooperation of general practitioners, pediatricians, dermatologists and laryngologists in the field of Allergology was considered the most important objective of PTA activity. It was resolved that planning of the Society’s work and activities should take into account the specific features of these medical specialties. This principle has been observed up to the present. PTA assembles specialists in many medical disciplines and that is why it is successful in its scientific, research and educational activities. Polish Society of Allergology currently has 13 Regional branches grouping almost 1000 Members. Regional Branches coordinate the activities of members of the PTA. The main task of regional offices is to organize meetings and training courses for its members and the development of allergy initiatives throughout its operations.