WAO World Atlas of AeroAllergens

WAO World Atlas of AeroAllergens

This is the first phase of the WAO World Atlas of Aeroallergens with available data from various sources. The Atlas will continue to be updated as data are received from the WAO Aeroallergens Committee. This Atlas has been currently divided into 5 regions. Data from other countries, when received, will be added within these 5 regions, and the regions may be renamed as North America, South America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Asia & Pacific, respectively.

Though much emphasis has been given on outdoor aeroallergen data in the Atlas at the moment, nevertheless data on indoor aeroallergens have been included from the Middle East, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

All data presented are not in a standardized format, but efforts are being made to standardize the data in one format for easy reading and understanding.

If you would like to submit information to be included on the website please contact info@worldallergy.org

Region A includes data from Canada (data from the United States are pending); Region B includes South America data (including Argentina); Region C includes Middle East and Africa; Region D includes European data and Region E includes data from India, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wherever possible the data follow this format: The symbols +, ++ , +++ provide a relative frequency of their recording either in cubic meter or other determination/calculations. Allergens frequency (quantitative) in these are added as  +<++,+++. A relative frequency  for each country, such as 30, 20, 10 pollen respectively are represented as +++, ++,+. Likewise, 60,40,20 spores are given +++,++,+ respectively. Since different countries have different  pollen, the data providers have changed or arranged the rows of allergens according to their prevalence and frequency. There have been few changes for indoor allergens from country to country.

World Map