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WAO Medical Book Review

Parasites And Allergy (Chemical Immunology and Allergy Vol. 90)
Editors: Monique Capron, Francois Trottein; 2006
ISBN-10: 3-8055-7974-8
ISSN: 1660-2242

Available from: Karger
List Price: $160.00 USD

Steven L. Cole, DO
Division of Allergy and Immunology, Department of Internal Medicine
University of South Florida College of Medicine and James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital, Tampa, FL

This volume of Chemical Immunology and Allergy series focuses on the correlation between helminth infections and allergic diseases. Each chapter includes an abstract and a discussion of relevant literature followed by concluding remarks.

The purpose of this book is to critically examine the role of parasitic infection in influencing the immune response in atopic disorders. A collection of international experts highlight the salient issues and controversies of regulatory mechanisms involved in the Th1 and Th2 response in helminthic infection.

The scope of this book is somewhat narrow in that it is aimed primarily at researchers involved in immune mechanisms of disease, but specialists in allergy and immunology, infectious disease, and other clinicians will find it useful as well.

Each chapter includes a discussion of primary research pertinent to the authors' expertise, and focuses on cells involved in immune regulation and their relationships to various parasitic infections. There is a generous offering of diagrams depicting the mechanisms of parasitic involvement in allergic inflammation.

This book is a significant contribution to the debate of the role of parasites in allergic inflammation, and is a good resource for scientists and specialists in the field. Students new to the discipline of allergy and immunology will find it difficult to fully grasp many of the concepts introduced in this volume, but it will serve as a good reference guide on this topic. The charts and graphs throughout the book are well-designed, and the illustrations are effective at capturing the key concepts of the discussion.