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WAO Medical Book Review

Nonallergic Rhinitis
Editors: James N. Barabiuk & Dennis Shusterman
Series Editors: MA Kaliner & RF Lockey
ISBN: 97808493399122

Available from: Informa Healthcare, New York. Published 2007>
List Price: £140.00 (about $245.00 USD)

Ronald S. Walls MD, PhD
University of Sydney, Department of Immunology & Allergy, Concord Hospital, Sydney

Non-allergic rhinitis is the bane of many physicians' and surgeons' lives, not least because there is no readily accessible repository of information about it. This book is unique in drawing together many aspects of this problem in a comprehensive and accessible format. Discussions on the classification of non-allergic rhinitis help to put these poorly understood diseases into perspective. The pathogenesis of nasal disease including hyperreactivity, is addressed. There are helpful chapters on topics such as chronic rhinosinusitis, occupational rhinitis, rhinitis in the elderly, and a sobering discussion on midfacial pain, pointing out that many are incorrectly ascribed to chronic rhinosinusitis. Many other difficult subjects are addressed in an insightful manner -examples are the sensory irritation to environmental chemicals and irritants such as perfumes and car exhaust fumes seen in patients with rhinitis.

This book brings home to practicing clinicians the importance of this group of diseases - it points out that they account for up to 50% of cases of rhinitis, and that non-allergic rhinitis co-exists with allergic disease in many instances.

The book is easy to read, thought provoking and helpful, not only in the clinic, but for understanding of possible mechanisms for some of these difficult and distressing diseases. It can be warmly recommended.