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WAO Medical Book Review

Posted: March 2010

Respiratory Diseases in the Elderly
Edited by V. Bellia and R. Antonelli Incalzi
European Respiratory Monograph 43, March 2009

Publisher: 2009 European Respiratory Society Journals, Ltd
ISBN: 978 1 904097 66 2
Price: UKú45.00/USA$80.00
Available at: Maney Publishing

Monroe James King, DO
Division of Allergy and Immunology
University of South Florida, College of Medicine
Tampa, Florida, USA

Respiratory Diseases in the Elderly is a collection of 21 individual papers by recognized authorities in respiratory medicine from Europe and North America. It is one in a series of monographs published by the European Respiratory Society.

The purpose of publishing this collection is to promote interest in understudied and under diagnosed group of respiratory diseases with distinct clinical features in the elderly.

The audience includes physicians in training or in practice, as well as clinicians and researchers already interested in respiratory diseases in the elderly.

The individual papers are extensively referenced and each includes a brief summary clearly marked toward the end of each paper. An extensive review of the literature with clinical applications is presented.

This is an excellent review and resource for those clinicians and researchers already interested in respiratory diseases in the elderly, as well as a wonderful introduction for physicians in training or in practice who have not considered the unique challenges encountered in diagnosing and treating respiratory diseases in this age group.

The articles on COPD and asthma are particularly helpful in filling in the gaps of national and international guidelines. All physicians, including allergists and clinical immunologists, will find this collection to be a very helpful resource in understanding the commonality of pulmonary diseases across all age groups and the differences in presentation and management in the older patient.