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WAO Medical Book Review

Posted: June 2013

Infectious Diseases and Asthma
Edited by Shyam Mohapatra and Gary Hellermann
2010 Saunders
ISBN: 9781437724592
ISSN: 0889-8561

Retail Price: $99 US
Available from Elsevier

Rongfei Zhu, MD
Associate Professor
Vice Director, Department of Allergy
Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Huazhong, China

This book focuses on the relationship of infectious diseases and asthma, including the role of different pathogen infection in asthma. It covers the latest advances in this field. It's a wonderful, concise, easily readable book.

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a reference that focuses on the connection between the etiology of asthma and the occurrence of infections, especially respiratory infections, including: interaction between microbes and immune system, viral, bacterial and atypical infections in asthma, animal models of virus induced chronic airway disease.

The book is targeted to medical students, residents, and clinicians, and allergists. It would be a useful guide for any physician and scientific researcher.

The book is divided into 9 chapters. The authors beginning with the infectious march, present a picture of the complex interaction between microbes and the immune system in asthma , then focus on the role of virus in the development of children and adult asthma, with abundant basic research and clinical trial results. The rest chapters discussed the relationship between other pathogens including bacterial infections/atypical infections and asthma. The book covers the latest advances in this field and provides comprehensive information of infectious pattern in asthma.

The most useful feature of this book is its easy access to information. Several chapters are devoted to particular pathogens. The information provided general basic and clinical research results and offered new topics to be addressed in future.

This book is a gift to physicians interested in the field of clinical allergy/immunology. Even there are some difficult scientific concepts in it, it is easy to read. I was very delighted to read the book and as noted, I'm willing to recommend it without hesitation.