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WAO Medical Book Review

Posted: August 2012

Immunology of Pregnancy
Editor: U.R. Markert
2005 Karger
ISBN: 978-3-8055-7970-4
e-ISBN: 978-3-318-01248-4

Price, Print: $186.00 (USD)
Price, Electronic: $186.00 (USD)

Available from: Karger

Ian Pollock, FRCPCH
Chase Farm Hospital
Enfield, Middlesex
United Kingdom

Immunology of Pregnancy is typical of the Karger series in "Chemical Immunology and Allergy," as it consists of multi-author review of a topic by international authorities.

This book brings together in one volume much of the known immunology of pregnancy information with some reference to specific pathological processes such as pre-eclampsia.

This volume is targeted at those who need to understand immunoregulatory mechanisms of pregnancy and treat disorders such as infertility, premature events and pre-eclampsia.It will also inform anyone involved in immunology who wants to know current knowledge in this specialist area. It will be of limited value to clinical allergists except for those who work in this area.

Within 185 pages, 68 authors from over 10 countries contribute to this volume. Seventeen chapters cover topics from "T cells in pregnancy" to "immunology of Pre-eclampsia" and on to "asymmetric antibodies."

This book is full of relatively up to date information (2005) on the immunology of pregnancy. As such it would be useful to those undertaking or considering research in this area, either from the immunological profession or obstetrics.