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WAO Medical Book Review

The Asthma Educator's Handbook
Authors: Fanta CH, Stieb ES, Carter EL, Haver KE
ISBN-10: 0071447377
ISBN-13: 978-0071447379

Available from: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2007
List Price: $52.95

Pavana Beerelli, MSIV
George Washington University
School of Medicine

The handbook reviews fundamentals of the pathology, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of asthma. A discussion of the clinical applications of asthma care allows one to gain confidence in asthma management through this evidence-based textbook.

Proper skills, resources, and emphasis on the importance of asthma care are the book's main goals, designed to prepare healthcare professionals for certification as asthma educators. Most texts are too lengthy and lack the tools to reinforce the didactic information; however, this text facilitates learning and provides ways to effectively communicate information to patients and their families.

The handbook is targeted to all healthcare professionals who work with pediatric and adult asthma. It focuses on many practical situations that patients and/or their family members need to know about.

The ten chapters are covered with patient-friendly terminology eliminating the language barrier that often is present between medical personnel and patients. The book is well organized, referenced, and the diagrams and tables allow the reader to emphasize certain learning points within the text. Key points highlight important concepts. Self-assessment multiple-choice questions with detailed answers finalize each chapter in a wonderful manner.

This book teaches physicians and other healthcare professionals how to recognize and treat asthma exacerbations and was inspired by patients and their experiences with this disease. It is designed for the informed educator who knows a fair amount about asthma while focusing on patient needs. In summary, it is an excellent resource for the asthma educator.