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WAO Medical Book Review

Roitt's Essential Immunology, 11th Edition
By: P. Delves, S. Martin, D. Burton and I. Roitt
ISBN: 9781405136037
ISBN10: 1405136030

Available from: Blackwell Publishing
List price: $59.95 USD

Byol Shin, DO
University of South Florida College of Medicine,
James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
Tampa, FL, USA

This textbook reviews the principles of basic and applied immunology, immunodeficiency, tumor immunology, and autoimmune disease.

The purpose is to provide the reader with the basic concepts of immunology and apply the knowledge of basic mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity to understanding clinical immunologic reactions against tumors, transplants, and autoimmunity.

The textbook is targeted to medical students, graduates, residents, and clinical and laboratory immunologists.  It is also a valuable text for allergists/immunologists and fellows-in-training who wish to update their knowledge of immunology without referring to recent research literature.

Essential Immunology, 11th edition, includes 18 chapters and 474 pages.  The initial chapters describe in detail the components of the immune system, the cellular and molecular basis of antigen recognition, and biology of B and T lymphocytes.  Subsequent chapters focus on the immunology of transplantation, congenital and acquired immunodeficiency, including AIDS, tumor immunology, and autoimmune disease.  Each chapter is well organized with clear tables and diagrams to aid in discussion and understanding of the material covered in the text and many excellent photographs and electron micrographs are used to illustrate the text.  Chapters conclude with a summary, concise diagrams, and suggestions for further reading with extensive reference lists.

Essential Immunology, 11th edition, provides a comprehensive, concise and up-to-date review of modern immunology.  The book's greatest strength is that it is a very readable account of important aspects of current immunology, and it is well written and attractively illustrated with abundant diagrams, figures, charts and tables.