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WAO Medical Book Review

Allergologie. Le guide.
Vervloet D., Romanet S.
Ed. Margaux Orange, Paris 2004
1 vol (216 pages)
Format: 10 x 21 cm (4 x 8 inches)
Cost of book: €38 (Approximately $48.85 USD)

Reviewed by Professor Gabrielle Pauli,
President of the French Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology
Hôpitaux Universitaires Strasbourg (France).

The objective of "Allergologie - Le Guide" is to present the practical aspects of allergology that should be known by every medical doctor dealing with allergic diseases. The 13 chapters of the book systematically follow the same schematic pattern. Titles and sub-titles appear in different colors. Figures and tables (some of them kindly given by other French authors) are numerous, clear and very helpful. Each chapter is preceded by a blueprint. This small book gives basic information on the principal investigations used in allergy for every practitioner to learn how to perform different cutaneous tests (prick, intradermal and patch tests) and provocation tests. Detailed information is given on pharmaceutical drugs used in allergy, for instance dosage, galenic presentation, trade name and posology. Protocols for vaccination are explained in detail. Chapters 3 to 8 describe schematically the most frequent allergic diseases induced by drug allergy, inhaled allergens, latex, venom and food allergens. The authors insist on the diagnostic procedures and on the preventive and therapeutic methods. Food additives are listed, as well as materials containing latex or those which are latex free. The last five chapters give insight into the main specialities related to allergy; pneumology, dermatology, and eye and nose disorders. There are guidelines for asthma. The reader will find practical information on devices used for inhaled medications and methods of education. Other immuno-allergic disorders occurring in respiratory pathology are covered.

An attractive feature of the book is the chapter containing a number of addresses and internet sites of associations and networks involved in allergy (a help for doctors and patients).

This book is very useful for medical students and residents. It is a guide for anyone aiming at practical competence in allergy.

ISBN: 2914206143
Available online at