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WAO Medical Book Review

Asthma in the Workplace, 3rd Edition
David I. Bernstein, et al.
ISBN 0824729773

List price: $249.95
Available from: CRC Press

Mark Glaum
University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, FL, USA

This is the third edition of a reference text that reviews the key components of work‑related asthma. The book is organized into four main sections, including: General Considerations, Assessment and Management, Specific Agents Causing Occupational Asthma with a Latency Period, and Specific Disease Entities and Variants.

The purpose is to provide the clinician with a detailed reference covering all relevant aspects of occupational asthma, especially those relating to disease mechanisms, causative agents, clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Discussion is targeted to clinicians and clinical researchers who have an interest in occupational lung disease. Specialists most likely to utilize this resource include pulmonologists, allergists, clinical immunologists, and any physician with an interest in work‑related illnesses. Fellows in training will find this book to be an excellent reference text for the evaluation of occupational airway complaints.

Each chapter is logically organized, well‑written and concludes with an extensive bibliography. Over 100 tables and figures are clearly presented serving to illustrate relevant points. An excellent appendix is included that lists known causative agents in occupational asthma along with key references. A complete index concludes the text.

This book provides a comprehensive review of clinically relevant topics in occupational asthma written by nationally and internationally recognized experts in the field. This text is an outstanding reference resource for the clinician, clinical scientist or clinical fellow with an interest in work‑related asthma.