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WAO Medical Book Review

Immunobiology. The immune system in health and disease.
6th Edition
Janeway, Travers, Walport, Shlomchik
Garland Science
Cost of book:
Paperback with CD-Rom: $74.95 USD
Paperback: $64.95 USD
Hardcover: $136.00 USD

Reviewed by:
Dr Kenneth Tang
Immunopathology registrar
Westmead Hospital
Sydney, Australia

Immunobiology is one of the most outstanding introductory texts in immunology that I have come across in recent years.

The book is well written and edited with lots of tables and diagrams. For example, the two lymphoid lineages are considered together rather than separately to help comparison and eliminate redundancies. Whereas T-cell and B-cell activation and their effector functions are kept separate because completely different mechanisms are involved. Most importantly, the book is easily read and understood with each topic covered in a comprehensive manner. In addition, each chapter has a number of summaries after each key concept to help the readers digest the information. Discussion questions on the topics at the end of each chapter can form the basis of discussion and be used for review and stimulating thoughts.

A very attractive feature of the book is the CD-ROM - Immunobiology Interactive. It contains an archive of all the figures in the book loaded into PowerPoint presentations so these can be inserted into presentations with ease. Considering the large number of good figures in the book (there is almost a diagram or table on each page), the cost is worth it for the CD-ROM alone. Furthermore, there are videos and animations in Quicktime format in the CD-ROM that can be a big plus in presentations.

In summary, this book is a must for medical students and graduate students who are still looking for a good book on immunology and for immunologists who will find it a valuable asset as well.