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WAO Medical Book Review

HIV Second Edition
Howard Libman & Harvey J. Makadon
American College of Physicians American Society of Internal Medicine (2003)

List Price: $53.00 USD
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Reviewer: Dr Lucinda Berglund MB BS
Advanced Trainee, Immunology Registrar, Westmead Hospital, NSW Australia

HIV is a practical book addressing the management of patients with HIV. It ranges from discussing basic concepts such as viral load to details of antiretroviral regimes and resistance mutations. There is a strong emphasis on primary care, from pre-test counseling and diagnosing HIV, to community prevention and screening measures. It provides practical advice about ongoing management issues including monitoring for adverse medication effects and how to investigate and treat opportunistic infections. Information is up to date and evidence-based with extensive references.

The book is divided into ten chapters which can easily be read consecutively but also has a detailed index for use as a reference. Each chapter is written by several different authors and ends with a summary of key points. Concise tables present information including differential diagnoses of common symptoms and treatment options. A useful drug glossary lists doses and toxicities of frequently prescribed medications.

This book would be an excellent resource for general practitioners; general physicians; junior, doctors in training and medical students.