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WAO Medical Book Review

Atlas of Immunology
Julius M. Cruse, Robert E. Lewis
CRC Press, 2nd edition, 2004
Cost of Book: $92.29 USD

Reviewed by L.L. Wallman
Staff Specialist, Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Westmead, Hospital, Westmead, Australia

The second edition of this illustrated encyclopedia of immunology and immunopathology handles the exponential increase in immunological information since the publication of the first edition in 1999. A beautifully illustrated and very appealing discussion of the history of Immunology is covered in the first chapter. Each of the subsequent chapters, dealing with standard immunological topics, contains a short historical introduction and background information, and then concise, descriptive and up to date discussions of subject matter. Illustrations, both diagrams and photomicrographs, are abundant and clear, and provide one of the major attractions of this Atlas. Surprisingly, there are no color plates which may have further enhanced this book. The text itself is more difficult to follow than in a standard reference if planning on reading cover to cover, but the division of the text into an encyclopedic form and the comprehensive index make this book an extremely useful reference, and an accessible source of visual images for teaching and revision.

The Atlas is addressed to clinical and research immunologists, students, researchers and basic scientists. Students may find a more basic and logical text more suitable, but certainly clinical and research immunologists will delight in the book as the showpiece of a personal library.

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