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WAO Medical Book Review

Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics and Proteomics
Editors: Jurgen Fuchs and Maurizio Podda
Published by Marcel Dekker
Cost of book: Combination print and online edition (plus 'Life-of-Edition' updates) $668

Reviewed by Gary R. Hellermann, PhD
University of South Florida College of Medicine
Dept. of Internal Medicine/Div. of Allergy-Immunology
Tampa, Florida

The Encyclopedia of Medical Genomics and Proteomics provides a comprehensive two-volume source of practical information on molecular medicine ranging from basic methods in gel electrophoresis to more specialized subjects such as fluorescence resonance energy transfer and tissue microarrays. Written by over 400 experts in the field, each article averages about five pages and contains an introduction, several main descriptive sections, conclusion and references. The writing is clear and succinct and there are many photographs, diagrams and tables to illustrate the text. Want outlines of the various types of polymerase chain reaction or details of how to do single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis? How about information on calicivirus, Cryptosporidium or clarithromycin resistance? It's all here in an eminently readable form, quickly accessible and with a reference list included with each article for additional study. Researchers, physicians, educators, students and interested lay persons will all find this encyclopedia an indispensable tool for understanding the rapidly evolving field of molecular medicine.

For online orders and additional purchase options, go to:

ISBN # (Vol.1) - 0-8247-5502-2
ISBN # (Vol.2) - 0-8247-5561-8
ISBN # (set) - 0-8247-5564-2