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WAO Medical Book Review

Pediatric Dermatology
Bernard A. Cohen
Elsevier Mosby, Third Edition, 2005

List Price: $219.00 USD
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Reviewer: Dr. Preeti Joshi
Staff Specialist, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW, Australia

This beautifully illustrated textbook provides a clear and comprehensive coverage of dermatological problems in children. It is well-organized and indexed in a problem-orientated fashion, making it easy-to-access information at the bedside.

The book is addressed to all clinicians and, for clinical immunologists, the chapters devoted to disorders of the hair, nails and oral cavity will prove particularly useful. Medical students too, will find that the book covers many common conditions and explains their salient features.

While the text is succinct and easy to read, the outstanding feature of the book is the photography. This is indeed a very impressive collection of photographs, particularly for a single author. There are approximately four large, well-lit color plates on each page, often with multiple photos to illustrate different features of the disease. The text itself is supplemented by helpful algorithms for identifying the aetiology of common presenting problems such as neonatal rashes. For those requiring more detail, there is an up-to-date further reading list at the end of each chapter.

In summary this is a pleasing book with exceptional photographs. It is an excellent resource for reference but is also pleasant enough to read from cover to cover. Any clinician who treats children will find this a useful addition to their library.