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WAO Medical Book Review

Title: Osteoporosis: An Evidence-based guide to Prevention and Management
Edited by: Steven R Cummings, Felicia Cosman, Sophie A Jamal
ACP series Women's Health

For the immunologist/allergist, steroid induced osteoporosis must be an area of concern. However, it is difficult to know what may be the best approach to take for bone protection.

This gem of a book summarizes an enormous amount of data and offers a concise, practical summary of recommended investigations and management of a common clinical problem.

The language is clear and precise, making this a text that may be read from cover to cover. The contents are set out clearly and logically so that one may read selectively in any order. Chapters are subdivided by headings and subheadings, making it very easy to find particular information.

This book has an excellent chapter summarizing current knowledge and making evidence-based recommendations for preventative treatment. Simple, cost-effective measures are highlighted and appropriate management recommendations begin with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

As its name suggests, each aspect is reviewed critically, drawing heavily from published trials. The latter are summarized in each chapter in a clear, accessible fashion.

The book concludes with two very useful chapters. The first is a series of case histories that are then discussed using the information from previous chapters. Treatment recommendations are given and justified. It is an excellent mechanism for the clinician to crystallize the plethora of information in a realistic clinical framework. The final chapter is a summary of the recommendations of whom, when and how to treat.

This excellent text is a must for every primary care doctor and specialist physician. Students and advanced trainees will also find it a valuable and comprehensible resource.

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Reviewed by Dr. Constance H. Katelaris
Deputy Director (Clinical) Institute of Immunology and Allergy Research, Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia