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WAO Medical Book Review

Allergens and Allergen Immunotherapy, 3rd Edition, revised and expanded - edited by Richard F. Lockey, Samuel C. Bukantz, and Jean Bousquet

Reviewed by Philip Lieberman, MD
University of Tennessee College of Medicine
Memphis, Tennessee USA

Allergens and Immunotherapy is one of the volumes in the Clinical Allergy and Immunology series published by Marcel Dekker, Inc. It has been a tremendously successful edition and is now in its third printing.

This text is the most complete and comprehensive volume dealing with this topic. It is more than a text on allergens and immunotherapy alone, and contains chapters on related topics such as latex allergens, haptens, anaphylatoxins, and anti-IgE. Each chapter has been written by a well-recognized authority in the topic under discussion. The text in its entirety has been painstakingly and meticulously edited by Drs. Lockey, Bukantz, and Bousquet. In each instance, the chapters are well-written, cogent, and easily understood. It serves not only as a wonderful reference text, but also can be read from beginning to end with ease in spite of its voluminous nature.

In sum, this well-respected text, now entering its third edition, is a classic and a must for the bookshelf of the allergist-immunologist. It is versatile, extremely well-written and edited, and covers topics which are essential to the practice of Allergy and Immunology in a lucid and comprehensive manner.

The text may be obtained from Marcel Dekker online or by calling 1-800-228-1160. The price is $195.00.