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WAO Medical Book Review

Color Atlas of Air-Borne Pollens and Plants in China
Editor: Professor Qiao Bingshan
Publisher: Peking Union Medical College Press (Beijing), 2004.

The chief editor, Professor Qiao Bingshan, who came from the Department of Allergy, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, has devoted himself in the field of allergenic pollen research in China for more than 40 years. He was one of the major leaders in the national survey of airborne and allergenic pollen in China in the 1980's, which was conducted under the direction of Professor Ye Shitai, the past chairman of Chinese Society of Allergology. 

More than two hundred species (belonging to 63 families, 148 genus) of common airborne pollens and their plant sources from all over China are included in this atlas. Compared to other similar atlases, the pictures of pollen grains in this atlas were taken from different profiles under light microscope, scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope. All the illustrations of pollens and plants were translated into English for this atlas.

This atlas offers not only beautiful pictures but is also a very important reference tool for readers in terms of local pollen survey.

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Total price (tax included): $99.00 USD

Reviewed by Dr. Hong Li
Allergy Department
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Beijing, 100730, China