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WAO Medical Book Review

Authors: Elizabeth W. Loder, MD, Vincent T. Martin, MD
Publisher: American College of Physicians, 2004

Headache is one of several "Key Disease" texts published by the American College of Physicians. This series provides an overview of core topics commonly encountered by the primary care physician. The major emphasis of the text focuses on the "Big Three" headache disorders: migraine, tension, and cluster headaches. Each disorder is defined and distinguished in clear, easy to read style, and recommended treatment strategies are summarized with concise, evidence-based algorithms. Included in each chapter are many useful tables that summarize diagnostic criteria and commonly used medications for each headache disorder.

Other topics covered in this book include management of the patient with daily or frequent headaches, medication overuse and misuse, complementary and alternative treatments, headache in special populations such as children and adolescents, and the "difficult" headache patient.

Headache is meant to serve as an affordable basic reference for the primary care physician; however the book would also prove to be an excellent resource for the sub specialist who sees patients with other medical conditions frequently associated with headache.

Purchase Information:
List: $32.00 USD
Available from the American College of Physicians at +1 215-351-2600 or online at ACPOnline

Reviewed by Mark C. Glaum, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Division of Allergy and Immunology
University of South Florida College of Medicine