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WAO Medical Book Review

Immune System Disorders Sourcebook (Second Edition)
Edited by: Joyce Brennfleck Shannon

List Price: $78.00 USD
Available from: Omnigraphics

Roger W. Fox, MD
University of South Florida Health Sciences Center, Tampa, FL, USA

The text is a compendium of brief reviews in each of the 86 chapters on basic consumer health information about many of the disorders of the immune system. These include immune system function and response, diagnosis of immune disorders, information about inherited immune diseases, acquired immune diseases and autoimmune diseases. The book covers a wide range of immune-related disorders, such as primary immunodeficiencies, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, Lupus, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and Graves disease. Treatments and coping skills for individuals with immune disorders are discussed. A valuable directory of organizations in Chapter 86 provides information and help for patients with immune disorders and their families.

This text serves as a quick overview resource of a wide range of immunological disorders for patients and healthcare providers

This sourcebook on the immune system disorders should find a home in many of the public and medical libraries as an important resource for individuals and specific support groups. Physicians’ offices could provide this text to patients and their families for general knowledge on immune problems and as a resource to find on-line information about various disorders.

The book has a directory of organizations with immune disorders information, complete with address, phone and FAX numbers and websites.

This book is an excellent resource text for libraries and healthcare providers’ offices, plus support groups and patient advocates would find this book very helpful for medical information and for identifying national organizations with a focus on a specific immune disorder.