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WAO Medical Book Review

Title: Neonatal Immunity
Author: Constantine Bona, MD, PhD
Publisher: Humana Press, 2005
List: $135.00 USD

Neonatal Immunity is a reference text that critically reviews key observations that form the basis of our understanding of fetal and neonatal humoral and cellular immune responses. Chapter contents include up-to-date reviews of innate and adaptive immune responses, B and T cell development, and patterns of neonatal cytokine development. The author also discusses fetal and neonatal antibody responses and their modulation by maternal antibodies and how, in certain instances, this interaction can cause transient or life-threatening neonatal autoimmune disease. Also discussed are features of neonatal tolerance induced by foreign allo- and self-antigens that provide a logical rationale for the development of efficient neonatal vaccines.

The text covers 300 pages and includes over 1,200 scientific references. There are many useful tables that help organize the complex information presented and a detailed index is provided. The material is geared toward the clinical immunologist, but it is also a useful reference text for the basic scientist and clinical fellow.

Mark C. Glaum, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Division of Allergy and Immunology
University of South Florida College of Medicine