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2011 WAO White Book on Allergy

WAO White Book on Allergy


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Ruby Pawankar
Stephen T. Holgate
G. Walter Canonica
Richard F. Lockey

Allergic disease: A major global public health issue

The WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY provides evidence about the increasing prevalence of allergic diseases worldwide and offers "high level" recommendation for action on allergy education for health care professions and enhanced patient service provision.

The 79 authors of the WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY cover all aspects of allergic disease:

Concise clinical overview:
Prevalence and treatment, unmet needs, and future therapies

Healthcare perspective:
The burden of the diseases on quality of life of patients, their socio-economic consequences, and the need for cost-benefit analysis of appropriate care services.

The WAO WHITE BOOK ON ALLERGY includes a tabulated presentation of the impact of allergic diseases in 43 countries provided by Member Societies of the WAO. Although this information is a mixture of published literature and anecdotal comment, it provides a consistent message that allergic diseases are reaching epidemic proportions in the world and are not being appropriately diagnosed and treated.

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Translated by the Polish Society of Allergology
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Executive Summary translated and published in the Japanese Journal of Allergology, Volume 60, Number 5 (May 2011 Issue)
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Executive Summary translated by Juan Carlos Ivancevich, MD and Sandra González Díaz, MD.
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Translation of Executive Summary provided by Doc.MUDr.Vít Petrů CSc, Czech Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology.
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