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WAO Resources

Resources from the World Allergy Organization

Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis: WAO Online Lecture Series
A self-directed learning series in four modules developed by experts on the underlying mechanisms of the United Airway concept, the impact of allergic rhinitis on asthma, how to manage asthmatic patients with allergic rhinitis, and the management of ASA-exacerbated respiratory disease and nasal polyposis.

Global Resources in Allergy - GLORIA (TM)
A curriculum designed to educate medical professionals worldwide, through local, state, regional and national presentations. GLORIA modules are created from established guidelines and recommendations to address different aspects of allergy-related patient care. GLORIA is presented at national allergy society meetings throughout the world and also at regional, state and local society meetings within the United States.

Module 1: Allergic Rhinitis
Module 2: Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyposis

Allergic Diseases Resource Center
Links to information about allergic diseases and up-to-the-minute news of developments in allergy management and treatment, written and peer reviewed by experts.

World Allergy Forum
Held at major international allergy meetings, each World Allergy Forum symposium is developed by an international expert advisory panel to provide up-to-the-minute presentations on scientific and clinical developments in the field of allergic disease.

Conversations with Experts
Interviews conducted with experts by experts in the field of allergy/immunology cover a range of topics including hot topics, significant research projects, and specific challenges in the diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma and allergic diseases.


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Last updated: 6 September 2011