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About Us

This primary immune deficiency (PID) resource is a project of the WAO Committee on Immunodeficiency Disorders. The focus of the committee's work is the development of online resources on PID to help to define the nature, extent, and challenges of PID and signpost other existing resources which may be helpful to colleagues globally.

Committee Roster, 2014-2015
Chair: Ricardo Sorensen (United States)
Co-Chair: David Edgar (United Kingdom)
Co-Chair: John Routes (United States)
Waleed Al-Herz (Kuwait)
Antonio Condino-Neto (Brazil)
Francisco Espinosa Rosales (Mexico)
Amos Etzioni (Israel)
Elham Hossny (Egypt)
Amir Latiff (Malaysia)
Anabela Mota Pinto (Portugal)
Shigeaki Nonoyama (Japan)
Roberto Paganelli (Italy)
Nima Rezaei (Iran)
Kathleen Sullivan (United States)
Melanie Wong (Australia)