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Contact Dermatitis: Global Overview

Contact Dermatitis: Synopsis

Clinicians from Australia, Brazil, Israel, Russia, Spain and the USA responded to an invitation to comment on the Contact Dermatitis educational module. All reported that they use their local standard patch test series; specific series were noted to be available for Brazil, Europe, America, and Japan. Care of patients with Contact Dermatitis is by either allergists or dermatologists, with most respondents indicating that dermatologists see the majority of cases in their country.

The commonest sensitizers noted by the international experts were nickel, rubber (including latex), chromates and paraphenylenediamine; native plant species such as Grevillea (Australia) and poison ivy (USA), account for local variations to the commonly reported sensitizers.

All the experts agreed with the classification and indication for steroids. The only noted variation to the steroids listed was the use of mometasone, due to its low systemic effects. The selection of ointment without preservatives was recommended, to avoid patients coming into contact with a preservative to which they are, or could become, sensitized.