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Undergraduate Curriculum

Online Learning Modules in the WAO Undergraduate Curriculum

Developed for undergraduate medical students and resident physicians as well as allergists/immunologists, primary care physicians, general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, and all medical practitioners interested in these topics

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Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema
David M Lang, Jonathan A Bernstein, Fred H Hsieh, Sarbjit S Saini, Javed Sheikh, David R Weldon

Idiopathic Anaphylaxis
Michael Blaiss, Jennifer Patel, Motohiro Ebisawa, Phillip Lieberman, Aziz Sheikh

Insect Venom Hypersensitivity
Ewa Cichocka-Jarosz, Jeffrey G Demain, David Golden, Franziska Ruëff

Latex Allergy
Sandra Gawchik, Juan Carlos Ivancevich

Severe Asthma
Omer Kalayci, S Tolga Yavuz, Ignacio Ansotegui, David Price, Michael Wechsler

Self-paced learning
Based on case histories
References to learning materials and resources available online

These modules help to address the knowledge objectives for allergists outlined in these key papers of the World Allergy Organization:

Recommendations for Competency in Allergy Training for Undergraduates Qualifying as Medical Practitioners: A World Allergy Organization Position Paper
World Allergy Organization Journal 2009;2(8):150-189
Paul C Potter, John O Warner, Ruby Pawankar, Michael A Kaliner, Sergio Del Giacco, and Lanny Rosenwasser
Access at:

Requirements for Physician Competencies in Allergy: Key Clinical Competencies Appropriate for the Care of Patients with Allergic or Immunologic Diseases: A Position Statement of the World Allergy Organization
World Allergy Organization Journal 2008; 1(2): 42-46
Michael A. Kaliner, Sergio Del Giacco, Carlos D. Crisci, Anthony J. Frew, Guanghui Liu, Jorge Maspero, Hee-Bom Moon, Takemasa Nakagawa, Paul C. Potter, Lanny J. Rosenwasser, Anand B. Singh, Erkka Valovirta, Paul Van Cauwenberge, and John O. Warner
Access at: