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World Allergy Forum: San Diego, California

Anaphylaxis: From Mechanisms to Novel Therapies
2014 AAAAI Annual Meeting
San Diego, California   USA

Moderators:  Linda Cox (USA) and Lanny Rosenwasser (USA)

Linda Cox Lanny Rosenwasser

Linda Cox (USA), President, AAAAI

Lanny Rosenwasser (USA), President, World Allergy Organization

Welcome to the World Allergy Forum Symposium and Introduction to “Anaphylaxis: From Mechanisms to Novel Therapies”

Diagnosis and Prevention of IgE and Non IgE Mediated Anaphlaxis

Fred Finkelman, MD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Cincinnati, OH United States

Causes of Anaphylaxis

Motohiro Ebisawa, MD PhD
National Sagamihara Hospital
Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Japan

Treatment of Anaphylaxis: Recent Advances

F. Estelle Simons, MD
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB Canda

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