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Welcome World Allergy Forum: San Francisco, CA (USA)

Richard F. Lockey Mark Ballow

Dear Colleagues,

A warm welcome to the 38th symposium in the World Allergy Forum (WAF) series: Allergic Diseases, Asthma and Sleep Disturbances.

San Francisco is a historic venue for WAF; the first symposium in the series was presented at the AAAAI Annual Meeting in San Francisco in 1997. Since then, WAF has flourished and become the longest continuing educational program of World Allergy Organization (WAO). This world federation of allergy, asthma and immunology societies is proud and grateful that the program is hosted annually by the AAAAI. The series was launched in 1997 with a symposium on the cellular mechanisms and treatment of rhinitis, with a first rate faculty – Larry Lichtenstein, Bill Busse, Estelle Simons, Peter Howarth, and Alkis Togias. They set a precedence for the many cutting edge symposia that have been presented since that time.

Today's program considers the sleep disturbances that affect individuals with allergic airways diseases. Disturbed sleep impacts the quality-of-life, both for those directly afflicted and for their families. Disturbed sleep affects academic and work performance, the ability to participate in sports or play activities, and leads to daytime tiredness and somnolence which can be extremely dangerous. Parents, partners, siblings or caregivers who are woken at night are also affected by interrupted sleep, resulting in added tension and distress.

Athanasios Kaditis will begin the symposium by discussing the issues affecting the upper airway, asthma and sleep disorders in children. He will be followed by Richard Schwab who will review these same issues as they relate to adults. Mac Anderson will conclude the symposium with a discussion on sleep apnea and sleep disorders in all age groups. There will be an open discussion following the formal lectures.

The WAO Board hopes that you enjoy today's program and if and if you would like to access the faculty materials after the session they will be available at:

WAO gratefully acknowledges the unrestricted educational grant from Novartis that supports education programs such as this conjoint program at the AAAAI meeting.

With best regards,

Richard F. Lockey, MD, FAAAI
World Allergy Organization

Mark Ballow, MD, FAAAI
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology