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The Management of Severe Asthma

Unmet Needs in Asthma “Control” as Seen Through the TENOR Analysis

Michael A. Kaliner, Institute for Asthma and Allergy
Chevy Chase, Maryland


The Unmet Needs in Asthma will cover some epidemiologic and experimental observations that indicate that asthma continues to be a difficult disease to manage, that many patients are not adequately controlled and that even when under excellent care, asthmatics continue to have exacerbations requiting urgent care, emergency room visits, and hospitalizations. While the current medications we employ are excellent, there is a significant portion of patients who do not respond adequately to them or fail to use them properly. Thus, there remains a large segment of the asthmatic population which is under-treated and remains at risk. Identifying these unmet needs is the first step towards creating approaches and identifying strategies that work for this large segment of the diseased population.

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