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An Update on Severe Asthma

G. Walter Canonica, MD

Roy Gerth Van Wijk

Dear Colleagues,

World Allergy Forum has been honored to be part of the EAACI program for many years, and it is a great pleasure to bring the 32nd World Allergy Forum symposium to the 2008 EAACI Congress, and to the beautiful city of Barcelona!

Our symposium today is an update on severe asthma; severe asthma is debilitating and frightening for patients, and one of the major management challenges for allergists and pulmonologists. While our understanding of the immunopathology of asthma has increased greatly over the years, until recently new treatment guidelines were able to offer little in the way of advances in the pharmacotherapy of asthma, other than revised recommendations for the use of long-available treatments.

Eugene Bleecker will open today’s program by reporting on the US study into the Epidemiology and Natural History of Asthma: Outcomes and Treatment Regimens (TENOR). We will hear the results of this 3-year, multicenter, observational study of more than 4700 patients, aged 6 years or older, with severe or difficult-to-treat asthma. Klaus Rabe will then discuss determinants and treatment of severe asthma. Concluding the symposium, William Storms will report on over four years of experience with anti-IgE therapy in the treatment of chronic severe asthma. Information will be presented about the safety and efficacy of the most recently introduced therapy for difficult-to-treat allergic asthma. We will hear that in clinical practice, although patients reported improvements in all asthma parameters, this was not reflected by any change in FEV1, a primary endpoint of so many research studies into asthma treatment efficacy.

We look forward to leading discussion with you on these exciting presentations!

With best regards,

G. Walter Canonica, MD FAAAAI
World Allergy Organization

Roy Gerth Van Wijk
European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

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