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World Allergy Forum: Ocular Allergy

Welcome to World Allergy Forum

Ocular Allergy

Professor Sergio Bonini, Symposium Chairman and World Allergy Forum Advisory Board Member

On behalf of the World Allergy Organization—IAACI (WAO) it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 16th World Allergy Forum Symposium, Ocular Allergy.

The World Allergy Forum is an educational outreach program that focuses on topics related to Rhinitis, Sinusitis and Conjunctivitis. The program Advisory Board is comprised of leading allergists from around the World, who meet on an annual basis to design the cutting-edge scientific symposia presented in this program series.

I know you will find today’s session informative and stimulating. Our panel of world–renowned speakers will bring us up to date on the major clinical, epidemiological and immunological aspects of Ocular Allergy. My Co-Chair, Professor Estelle Simons, and myself, look forward to your questions and participation in the debate following the presentations.

Our first World Allergy Forum symposium in 2001, Bacterial Infection and Allergy, was held at the AAAAI meeting in New Orleans. If you were unable to attend this symposium but would like to know more about the topic, please visit the Global Allergy Information Network, the Website of WAO, at where you can read and download the slides and syllabus materials from the session.

World Allergy Organization-IAACI would like to acknowledge with thanks the unrestricted educational grant provided by Aventis, which enables us to bring you the World Allergy Forum program series.

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