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Management of Asthma: Beyond the Cost

Impact on Society/Complex Issues of Public Health Funding

Kevin Weiss
Center for Healthcare Studies
Chicago, IL

While it is clear that regardless of the country of interest, asthma morbidity represents a substantive public impact on health, productivity, and quality of life. Therefore it is important to consider ways by which public funding can be used to reduce this social impact. At first glance it would seem that such a problem can be best solved solely through improvements in asthma care through direct publicly funding patient care services. However due to the complex nature of most health care systems, there are many ways that public funding can offer leverage to reductions in the societal burden of this disease. A recent report of health policy recommendations for the US health system can provide some insight to the multi-dimensional approached to use of public funding toward improving asthma care. While many of the issues in leveraging public funding will be country specific, there may be a few common approaches to health policy and asthma care that are worth exploiting.

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