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World Allergy Forum: The Epithelium as a Modulator of the Allergic Response


Tuesday, July 4, 2000
08:30 to 10:15 hours
Room Tejo
Feira Internacional das Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal

Johannes Ring and Stephen T. Holgate

Johannes Ring

Sensitisation and Tolerance Through the Lung-Regulation of Th-Cell Responses to Inhaled Allergen by Airway Intraepithelial Dendritic Cells
Patrick G. Holt

Antigen Presenting Cells in the Skin
Thomas Bieber

Airway and Skin Epithelium: Similarities and Differences
Heidrun Behrendt

Upper and Lower Airways Response to Pollutants: Altered Epithelial Biology in Allergic Disease
Sundeep Salvi

Panel Discussion

Sponsored by the IAACIóWAO
through an educational grant provided by


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