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Richard F. Lockey, President, WAO (USA) Jan Lotvall, President, EAACI (Sweden)
Richard F. Lockey Jan Lötvall

Dear Colleagues,

In 1996, the International Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (now World Allergy Organization) brought together a group of international experts at a hotel just outside London, to form the first World Allergy Forum (WAF) Advisory Board. The Board planned activities for the program’s first year, and invited EAACI to host a symposium on Mechanisms of Action of Rhinitis Therapy at its Congress in Rhodes, Greece. Since then, WAF has flourished to become the longest running educational program of World Allergy Organization, and we are delighted that WAF has been hosted by EAACI every year since the program started in 1997. Thirty six symposia have been presented around the World, focusing on a wide variety of topics of major interest to the international allergy community, and all delivered by internationally renowned experts. WAF attracts some 1,000 attendees each year, and reaches out to many more allergists through posting of the program abstracts and slides on the WAO Website:

It is a great pleasure that World Allergy Forum now returns to London, to be part of the 2010 EAACI Congress, and to bring you this 37th World Allergy Forum symposium, Severe Asthma.

The successful management of Severe Asthma is one of the greatest challenges faced by the allergist, as we constantly seek to manage the condition and to limit the long term health effects, and the major impact that this debilitating condition imposes on the life of our patients. In today’s program, Sally Wenzel will provide guidance on current thinking about asthma phenotypes, and consider how these can influence response to therapy, helping us to target pharmacotherapy more effectively. Robert Lemanske will review the effects of asthma exacerbations on the natural history of the disease, discussing the role of viral infections and their effect on lung function, and the possible underlying mechanisms for this effect. Ulrich Wahn’s presentation will discuss inadequately controlled severe asthma in childhood, looking particularly at co-morbidity with other allergic conditions and sensitization to panallergens. We hope you will enjoy the session and that it will provide valuable insights into the management of severe asthmatic patients.

World Allergy Organization would like to acknowledge the unrestricted educational grant from Novartis that supports the World Allergy Forum program.

With best regards,

Richard F. Lockey
World Allergy Organization
Jan Lötvall
European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology