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World Allergy Organization
WAO's mission: To be a global resource and advocate in the field of allergy, advancing excellence in clinical care through education, research and training as a world-wide alliance of allergy and clinical immunology societies.

World Allergy Forum: Philadelphia

Global Issues in Allergy: Answers for a Worldwide Problem
Allergic Emergencies

American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting
Sunday, 12 November 2006
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Michael A. Kaliner

michael kaliner

Welcome to the 30th World Allergy Forum and Introduction to "Allergic Emergencies"
Michael A. Kaliner, Institute for Asthma and Allergy
Wheaton, Maryland, USA

bob lanier

Acute and Severe Asthma
Bobby Q. Lanier, North Texas Institute for Clinical Trials
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

ruby pawankar

Anaphylaxis: Causes and Treatments
Ruby Pawankar, Nippon Medical School
Tokyo, Japan

michael kaliner

Michael A. Kaliner, Institute for Asthma and Allergy
Wheaton, Maryland, USA


The Anaphylaxis and Angioedema presentations are based on the WAO GLORIA™ program modules authored by:
Michael A. Kaliner, Anaphylaxis
Allen P. Kaplan, Angioedema
Connie H. Katelaris, Angioedema
Bobby Q. Lanier, Anaphylaxis
Richard F. Lockey, Anaphylaxis
Cassim Motala, Anaphylaxis
F. Estelle R. Simons, Anaphylaxis

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