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The Application of Monoclonal Therapies and Therapeutics to Asthma and Allergy


G. Walter Canonica, MD
University of Genova
Genova, Italy

Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI
Creighton University
Omaha, NE, United States

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Philadelphia, and to the 31st Symposium in the World Allergy Forum series! The longest-running educational program of the World Allergy Organization has been proud to be part of the AAAAI meeting every year since 1997, when Bill Busse and Larry Lichtenstein chaired our first symposium on the Cellular Mechanisms and Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Starting as a program with a focus on allergic rhinitis, World Allergy Forum has broadened over the years to encompass the scientific and clinical aspects of every major topic in allergy that is of interest to the practicing allergist.

Our topic today is the Application of Monoclonal Therapies and Therapeutics to Asthma and Allergy. We are starting to gain a good body of experience with the first licensed humanized monoclonal antibody against IgE, with a current indication for use in moderate to severe asthma in adults and adolescents. Will this therapy be safe for use in children, and if so, what considerations will inform our prescription of immunomodulators for pediatric patients? How amenable will other atopic diseases be to treatment with anti-IgE will we see its application widened for use in allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, anaphylaxis, or eczema? How likely is it that humanized monoclonal antibodies such as anti-IL-5 and anti-TNFa, soluble IL-4 receptors, etc. will become part of our armentarium, and what other monoclonals directed against the cytokines and mediators involved in allergic inflammation are in the pipeline? We are all excited by the theoretical concept of these new directions, but what are the potential problems associated with the clinical use of immunomodulators and biotechnology therapies?

Our excellent faculty will guide us through this evolving picture. Shyam Mohapatra will start the session by discussing how monoclonal antibodies are designed. Jean Bousquet will then give us an insight into the pitfalls that may influence the future availability and prescribing of these products. Stephen Holgate will conclude the symposium by considering the future application of monoclonal antibodies to asthma and allergy. It promises to be a great program, and we look forward to your comments and questions.

With best regards,

G. Walter Canonica, MD FAAAAI
World Allergy Organization

Thomas B. Casale, MD, FAAAAI
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

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