WAO News and Notes - Note from the President
Volume 7, Issue 9 September 2010

Richard F. LockeyDear Members,

The 1st World Allergy Organization (WAO) International Scientific Conference, entitled "Asthma and Comorbid Conditions: Expanding the Practice of Allergy for Optimal Patient Care," is scheduled for approximately three months from now, December 5 - 8, 2010, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The focus of the scientific program will be extraordinarily unique, one of a kind, from which physicians will learn about varied comorbid conditions associated with asthma. The faculty are an internationally recognized "Who's Who" in the world, each one of whom will participate in a variety of different educational venues including postgraduate lectures, symposia, plenary sessions, "hands-on" conferences and poster presentations. Comorbid conditions covered are too numerous to mention but some of them include sleep apnea, various forms of rhinitis, vocal cord dysfunction, obesity, osteoporosis and osteopenia, endocrine disorders, and psychological problems. There will be sessions on food challenge testing, the role of bone scanning to diagnose osteoporosis and osteopenia, managing chronic cough, spirometry, skin testing, rhinoscopy, management of sleep disorders, smoking cessation, aspirin desensitization, use of nitric oxide and other markers of inflammation, bronchial provocation testing, practical aspects of immunotherapy, and weight management.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. It dates from 1799, its geographical location making it an important trading hub by the beginning of the 20th century. Dubai has attracted world attention for its large construction projects and architectural highlights. It is known as the "shopping capital" of the Middle-East, and its rich collection of buildings and structures include the Burj Khalifa, currently the world's largest building.

As President of WAO, I will be honored to greet you at the opening ceremony, December 5, to which all are invited. Remember, this conference is intended to expand the practice of allergy for optimal patient care. Many of the subjects covered are those which will enhance the skills of the practitioner to take care of patients with asthma, other chronic respiratory problems, and their comorbid conditions. Please go to the WAO website at www.worldallergy.org and register for this most unusual and wonderful conference, in fact, a first of its kind.

See you there!

Richard F. Lockey, MD
President, World Allergy Organization