WAO News and Notes - Note from the President
Volume 7, Issue 10 October 2010

Richard F. LockeyDear Friends,

If you are reading this, then there is good chance that you are already familiar with the WAO Journal (www.waojournal.org) and the WAO web site (www.worldallergy.org). At least that is my hope. As a teacher, researcher and clinician, I regularly use both these excellent vehicles of information and learning. And, as President of the WAO, it is one of my aspirations that more of us will do the same. The editorial teams of the WAO Journal (led by Chief Editor Lanny Rosenwasser) and the WAO web site (led by Chief Editor Juan Carlos Ivancevich) work extremely hard to continually provide new and updated content, and present this content in new and different forms and using various approaches to get the most out of the material. And the editorial teams are ably supported by the WAO staff. All these contributors have my heartfelt thanks.

This month, I am excited to remind you of some of the features of the WAO Journal that make it such a valuable resource. Check it out today! I will highlight the web site in November.

The World Allergy Organization Journal

This Journal was mandated to be universally accessible, truly global in its content and reach, and have monthly issues in order to keep up with the latest developments. Now in its third year of publication, this global online-only Journal has posted issues every month without fail, featuring both original research and review articles from all over the world. The WAO continues to make the Journal available free of cost for all its members spanning its 84 member societies.

Lanny Rosenwasser has introduced several new features, including new series:

Basic and Clinical Translational Science in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 06, "Anti-Ids in Allergy: Timeliness of a Classic Concept," Wallmann, Julia; Pali-Schöll, Isabella; Jensen-Jarolim, Erika; Austria
  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 06, "Update on biological therapeutics for asthma," Cook, Marisha; Bochner, Bruce; USA - Podcast available

Clinical Reviews in Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 08, "Staphylococcus aureus and chronic airways disease," Derycke, Lara; Pérez-Novo, Claudina; Van Crombruggen, Koen; Corriveau, Marie-Noëlle; Bachert, Claus; Belgium
  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 07, "Sublingual immunotherapy: Clinical indications in the WAO-SLIT Position Paper," Passalacqua, Giovanni; Compalati, Enrico; Canonica, Giorgio Walter; Italy
  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 06, "Dermatology for the Allergist," Kim, Dennis; Lockey, Richard; USA - Podcast available
  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 04, "Progress in Understanding Postnatal Immune Dysregulation in Allergic Disease," Susan Prescott, MD, PhD; David Martino, BSc; Megan Hodder, BSc; Tara Richman, BSc; Meri K. Tulic, BSc, PhD; Australia

2010 also saw the publication of the WAO DRACMA Guidelines

  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 04, "World Allergy Organization (WAO) Diagnosis and Rationale for Action against Cow's Milk Allergy (DRACMA) Guidelines," Alessandro Fiocchi; Jan Brozek; Holger Schünemann; Sami L. Bahna; Andrea von Berg; Kirsten Beyer; Martin Bozzola; Julia Bradsher; Enrico Compalati; Motohiro Ebisawa; Maria Antonieta Guzman; Haiqi Li; Ralf G. Heine; Paul Keith; Gideon Lack; Massimo Landi; Alberto Martelli; Fabienne Rancé; Hugh Sampson; Airton Stein; Luigi Terracciano; Stefan Vieths - Podcast available

And these articles continue to be some of the most viewed:

2009 Asthma Summit: "Beyond the Guidelines"

  • 2010, Volume 03, Issue 02, Proceedings highlights with a total of five articles

Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy: World Allergy Organization Position Paper 2009

  • November 2009, Volume 2, Issue 11

Another New feature this year: Chief Editor Interviews

Easily & universally accessible Audio Podcasts: Lanny Rosenwasser conducts interviews with authors of articles of particular interest to clinicians on the science and practice of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.

Interviews currently available:

  • Richard F. Lockey, co-author of "Dermatology for the Allergist", from the series Clinical Reviews in Allergy and Immunology.
  • Bruce S. Bochner, co-author of "Update on Biological Therapeutics for Asthma", from the series Basic and Clinical Translational Science in Allergy, Asthma.
  • Alessandro Fiocchi on the "World Allergy Organization (WAO) Diagnosis and Rationale against Cow's Milk Allergy (DRACMA) Guidelines"
  • Michael A. Kaliner on the "Asthma Summit 2009: Beyond the Guidelines"
  • William J. Calhoun on the "Asthma Summit 2009: Beyond the Guidelines," co-author of "Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm: Albuterol versus Montelukast"

What you can look forward to: a new series based on case reports discussed by clinicians from different parts of the world and including an interactive feature.

Many of the contributors listed here will also be present as faculty, presenters and delegates at the upcoming WAO International Scientific Conference on Asthma and Co-morbid Conditions: Expanding the Practice of Allergy for Optimal Patient Care in Dubai, UAE, 5-8 December 2010. Join us by registering today at http://www.worldallergy.org/2010dubai/. Stop me when you see me and give me your ideas for the WAO Journal, ultimately your Journal.

See you in Dubai! Thanks and all the best, Dick