WAO News and Notes - Note from the President
Volume 7, Issue 12 December 2010

Richard F. LockeyDear Colleagues,

WAO history was made this month when the first WAO International Scientific Conference (WISC 2010) took place in Dubai, UAE from 5 to 8 December. More than 1,438 delegates from 71 countries participated in the scientific program delivered by 55 presenters from around the world with expertise in asthma and its co-morbidities.

WAO is dedicated to providing education and training opportunities to physicians worldwide and supporting their efforts to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients with asthma and allergic diseases. Many people helped to achieve this goal with WISC 2010 and should be thanked.

I am grateful most of all to the delegates who participated in the program and took advantage of the special social activities Dubai had to offer. I hope all of you found it to be a satisfying experience.

The Scientific Program Committee developed an outstanding program on Asthma and Co-morbid Conditions: Expanding the Practice of Allergy for Optimal Patient Care. The success of WISC 2010 is also due to the time and tireless efforts of the Local Organizing Committee, Regional Advisory Board and WAO Board of Directors. To view the WISC 2010 committee members, click here.

Visit the WISC2010 website for conference updates over the next few weeks including a list of Outstanding Poster Awards, presentations, photos and more!

The CME self-reporter was included in the registration bag for all conference attendees. For any questions or concerns regarding the CME self-reporter, please contact us at WISC2010registration@worldallergy.org.

If you wish to provide feedback about your experience at the conference, please email us at: WISC2010@worldallergy.org. Watch for new information about the next WISC in 2012 to be held in India.

December also has been a month of celebrated events and holidays. My best wishes to all of you for a healthy new year!

And we'll see you next year in Cancún, México (4-8 December) for the XXII World Allergy Congress.


Richard F. Lockey, MD
President, World Allergy Organization