WAO Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) International Alliance

The HAE International Alliance aims to be a global resource of educational and research activities, increasing awareness of the disease, highlighting and encouraging HAE research.

The immediate goal of this Alliance was to develop and disseminate the "WAO Guideline for the Management of Hereditary Angioedema." This Guideline Document provides credible, evidence-based information for physicians and other health care professionals around the world and allows ease-of-access to relevant scientific and clinical data on HAE, including differential diagnosis and treatment. The document is an in-depth, state of the art resource that refers to and summarizes existing guidelines, consensus documents, and recommendations. The Guidelines are evidenced based, consensus driven and were written by experts in the disease state and a representative from the HAE International Patient Association, without input or presence of industry. After drafting of the Guideline it was reviewed by a larger group of HAE specialists and altered as required. Finally, it was reviewed and approved by the WAO Board of Regents and affiliate Allergy and Immunology Associations that comprise the WAO.

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