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Deadline for Regular Registration to WAC 2015 is Fast Approaching

Deadline for Regular Registration to WAC 2015
is Fast Approaching

Regular Registration Closes 31 August

Register today to take advantage of this price to the most comprehensive allergy/immunology meeting this year. Join over 200 world class experts from 35 countries to learn about the latest research findings and clinical breakthroughs.

WAC 2015 Selfie

Take a WAC 2015 Selfie and receive a discount on registration!

WAO invites you and your colleagues to show the international nature of WAC 2015 by taking part in the WAC 2015 Selfie Campaign. All you need to do is take a selfie with the WAC 2015 selfie sign highlighting a local landmark, and post the selfie on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtags: #WAC2015Selfie and #WAC2015.

Watch for your selfie during the WAC 2015 Opening Ceremony.

Click here for more information and to print a WAC 2015 selfie sign

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