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Educational Needs Survey, December 2006

World Allergy Organization's educational programs are designed to assist Member Societies by providing educational materials that bring together the expertise and experience of allergists worldwide. Please complete the attached survey which will help WAO to define the educational needs of the individual members of our Member Societies.

Name (optional):
Email (optional):
Telephone (optional):
Are you a member of an allergy society:
Yes   No
If yes, please provide the name of the society:
Do you plan to attend the World Allergy Congress, 2-6 December 2007, in Bangkok, Thailand:
Yes   No
Have you ever attended a WAO Congress:
Yes   No
Are you a...(Check all that apply)
Family Practioner
Internal Medicine
Areas of expertise: (Check all that apply)
Animal Allergy
Drug Allergy
Food Allergy
Health Administration
Health Care Delivery
Immune Deficiency
Insect Allergy
Latex Allergy
Occupational Allergy
Ocular Allergy
Patient Education
Practice Education
Public Education/Public Health
Sports Medicine
Section 1: Educational Format Preferences
Which of the following educational formats would you find most helpful? Please rank:
Helpful Not
1. Didactic lectures
2. Workshops/summer schools that teach practical skills or provide hands-on learning
3. Scientific panel discussions
4. Lectures with audience involvement
5. Self-study opportunities using journals
6. Self-study using CD-ROMs
7. Self-study with Internet based learning resources
8. Internet based real-time interaction with colleagues
9. Tutor-supported, interactive, on-line Internet based programs
10. Internet based lectures
11. Case presentations or case simulations with discussion in small group settings
12. Courses spread out over two or more sessions to cover a topic in depth
Section 2: Formal recognition of educational programs
1. Are Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits required in your country:
Yes   No
2. Are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits required:
Yes   No
3. Would educational programs in allergy offering internationally transferable university credits be of value to you:
Yes   No
Section 3: Educational component of training programs
1. Does your country have a formal allergy training program:
Yes   No
2. If No:
  A: Would you welcome the possibility to study a WAO educational syllabus on the theoretical aspects of allergic disease:
Yes   No
  B: Would you welcome the availability of a set syllabus of the practical skills required to achieve accreditation:
Yes   No
Section 4: Your access to existing WAO programs
1. Has your Society hosted GLORIA:
Yes   No
2. If Yes:
  A: Which Modules have you seen at your national allergy society meeting:
Allergic Rhinitis Yes No
Allergic Conjunctivitis Yes No
Allergic Emergencies Yes No
Immunotherapy Yes No
Symptoms and Treatment of Asthma Yes No
Food Allergy Yes No
Angioedema Yes No
Anaphylaxis Yes No
Diagnosis of IgE Sensitization Yes No
  B: Has the GLORIA content been:
Too basic for you: Yes No
Too advanced for you: Yes No
Suitable for allergists to use for local teaching Yes No
Section 5: Location of educational programs
Which of the following types of venue would your prefer to attend:
Please rank:
Helpful Not
1. Local stand-alone educational programs supported by WAO, hosted in your country by the WAO Member Society
2. Local stand-alone practical workshops supported by WAO, hosted in your country by the WAO Member Society
3. Educational programs supported by WAO in association with your Society's annual meeting
4. Practical workshops supported by WAO in association with your Society's annual meeting
5. Postgraduate programs preceding/during/immediately following regional World Allergy Congresses
6. Practical workshops preceding/during/immediately following World Allergy Regional Congresses
Section 6: Target audiences
WAO should develop educational materials for:
Please check all that apply:
Non-allergy specialists
General/Family practitioners
Allied Health Professionals
Others (please specify)
Section 7: Additional information
Please list below your suggestions for additional WAO educational activities/formats/locations which you feel would be of value to your membership.

Thank you for your valued input.

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