The Congress

WAO Awards

Shortly after a welcoming presentation from the Governor of Quintana Roo, the Honorable Roberto Borge Angulo, Dr. Lockey presented the 2011 WAO Awards to 10 recipients during the Opening Ceremony.

Gold Medal Award
Recognition of Outstanding Dedication and Exceptional Service to the World Allergy Organization
Michael A. Kaliner (United States)

Scientific Achievement Award
Recognition of Outstanding Scientific Contributions in the Field of Allergy and Immunology Aiding Clinicians Worldwide to Provide Improved Patient Care
Rebecca H. Buckley (USA) and Stephen J. Galli (USA)

Outstanding Clinician Award
Recognition of Outstanding Performance in Medical Care and Teaching toward Enhanced Allergy Care Worldwide
Bee Wah Lee (Singapore), James M. Oleske (USA), and Pakit Vichyanond (Thailand)

Special Recognition Award
Recognition of Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Allergy and Immunology toward Wider Recognition of Allergy and Related Diseases as Global Health Issues
James P. Kiley (United States) and Erkka Valovirta (Finland)

Distinguished Service Award
Recognition of Dedication and Service to the World Allergy Organization
Yehia El-Gamal (Egypt) and Cassim Motala (South Africa)

Presidential Recognition & Collaboration Awards

During the WAO Presidential Dinner, several individuals received Presidential Recognition & Collaboration Awards for their special contributions to WAO over the past two years.

Virginia Bellido Linares, Spain Liliane Gendreau-Reid, Canada Barbara Rogala, Poland
Matteo Bonini, Italy Georgy Gudima, Russia Nelson Rosário Filho, Brazil
Jan Brozek, Canada Kamal Maurice Hanna, Egypt Lanny J. Rosenwasser, USA
Sergio Del Giacco, Italy Juan Carlos Ivancevich, Argentina Hirohisa Saito, Japan
Pascal Demoly, France Connie H. Katelaris, Australia Anna Sala Cunill, Spain
Veselin Dimov, USA Krzysztof Kowal, Poland Silvia Sánchez García, Spain
Yehia El-Gamal, Egypt Bob Lanier, USA Glenis Scadding, United Kingdom
Dalia El-Ghoneimy, Egypt Dennis Ledford, USA Holger Schünemann, Canada
Alessandro Fiocchi, Italy Phil Lieberman, USA Revaz Sepiashvili, Russia
Stuart Friedman, USA Carlos Nunes, Portugal F. Estelle R. Simons, Canada
Claudia Gallego Corella, México Giovanni Passalacqua, Italy