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September 29, 2011
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ú¡Vive México!
Cancún Ranks as a Favorite Tourist Destination in México

In 2010, Cancún welcomed 3,015,660 international visitors, which was a 4.8% increase over 2009. According to the Cancún Hotel Association, visitor activity has continued to accelerate in 2011. In fact, hotel occupancy levels through June have exceeded those of 2010.

It is the breathtaking natural beauty of Cancún that inspires visitors. Cancún is surrounded by the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea that teems with colorful fish and coral reefs.

Click the image “Vive México” to watch a video clip illustrating the beauty of Quintana Roo, the state that is home to Cancún, and the variety of attractions for visitors. The video is provided courtesy of the México Tourist Board and the Cancún Convention & Visitors Bureau.

To learn more about the many enjoyable experiences, cuisines, and recreational activities that awaits you in Cancún this December. Visit the Cancún Tourist website

Top Tourist City, Cancún, Welcomes World Allergy Congress

The Cancun Center Conventions & Exhibitions Welcomes You!

The Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Hotel Welcomes You!

The Cancun Convention & Visitors’ Bureau Welcomes You!

International Visitors Rave about Cancun!

Cancún visitors talk to host tourists about their experience in the hospitable, warm, and enjoyable city.

Click here for video testimonials on what visitors say about this welcoming city.

See what Mexicans love about the culture and land of their country in this moving song, “La de la Placita” as sung by Josemanuel Fernández, accompanied by a captivating visual presentation.

The friendly culture and beautiful surroundings of México have captivated the hearts of many, including songwriter and artist Josemanuel Fernández, who wrote a heartfelt love song about México and its people. Learn a few of the lyrics and add a little Spanish to your vocabulary!

Click the image to your left to see a music video of “La de la Placita” with English subtitles. Please be patient as the video may take a minute to load. For faster viewing, download the file to your computer hard drive. When the file launches into your computer, choose the “Read Only” button.


Did You Know?

Mr. Felipe Calderón, President of México, decreed 2011 as the Year of Tourism in México? Find out why.