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November 15, 2011
Contact: Marechiel Santos-Lang
+1 414 276 1791

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New Horizon Session – Specific Immunotherapy
Sunday, 4 December
08:00 - 16:30

History, Mechanisms and Future

Chairpersons: Richard F. Lockey (United States) and Dermot Ryan (United Kingdom)

History of SIT
| Richard Weber (United States)
Related publication: Guidelines for using pollen cross-reactivity in formulating allergen immunotherapy

Mechanisms of Sub-Cutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)
| Stephen Durham (United Kingdom)
Related publication: Long-term tolerance after allergen immunotherapy is accompanied by selective persistence of blocking antibodies

Mechanisms of Sub-Lingual Immunotherapy (SLIT
) | Jean-Pierre Allam (Germany)
Related publication: Immunological mechanisms of sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy

Newer Forms of SIT
| Rudolf Valenta (Austria)
Related publication: Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy: Towards Combination Vaccines for Allergic and Infectious Diseases


Which Patients for SIT and Anti-IgE?

Chairpersons: Richard F. Lockey (Untied States) and Barbara Rogala (Poland)

| Harold Nelson (United States)
Related publication: Subcutaneous injection immunotherapy for optimal effectiveness

| Giorgio Walter Canonica (Italy)
Related publication: Long-lasting effects of sublingual immunotherapy according to its duration: a 15-year prospective study

For Anti-IgE?
| Daniel Jackson (United States)
Related publication: Evidence for a Causal Relationship Between Allergic Sensitization and Rhinovirus Wheezing in Early Life

Presentation of the WAO Henning Løwenstein Research Award to Zoulfia Allakhverdi (Canada) and Natalija Novak (Germany) | Richard F. Lockey (United States) and Henning Løwenstein (Denmark)

Effectiveness of SIT

Chairpersons: Eliana Risquez (Venezuela), Anthony Frew (United Kingdom) and Carlo Tomino (Italy)

| Giovanni Passalaqua (Italy)
Related publication: Direct comparison between continuous and coseasonal regimen for sublingual immunotherapy in children with grass allergy: A randomized controlled study

SIT and Children
| Erkka Valovirta (Finland)
Related publication: Effect of AIT in children including potential to prevent the development of asthma

SIT and Asthma
| Moises Calderon (United Kingdom)
Related publication: Dosing and efficacy in specific immunotherapy

Practical Considerations for SIT

Chairpersons: John Kelso (United States) and Désirée Larenas Linnemann (Mexico)

When Should SIT be Started and Why?
| Lars Jacobsen (Denmark)
Related publication: Specific immunotherapy has long-term preventive effect of seasonal and perennial asthma: 10-year follow-up on the PAT study

Adverse Effects
| Linda Cox (United States)
Related publication: Specific allergy immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis: subcutaneous and sublingual

Cost Effectiveness and Compliance
| Cheryl Hankin (United States)
Related publication: Allergen immunotherapy and health care cost benefits for children with allergic rhinitis: a large-scale, retrospective, matched cohort study


New Horizon Sessions are the bookend sessions of the Congress. These sessions are designed to showcase the latest science in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology. Delegates will hear in-depth, varied perspectives on each topic from the premier presenters in the field. New Horizons Sessions are scheduled as either half-day or full-day sessions on 4 and 8 December.

This session is co-sponsored by ALK-Abello & MSD.